"Gabriel, the angel of art, design, communication and brave new ideas"


At the tender age of 4 years old Lana started creating imaginary worlds for her and her dolls to live in. She wove fantasy into reality by using whatever she could find: her mother’s curtains to make dresses and crystal bowls for Barbie beds. It was this imaginary world that fuelled the creativity of an only child and this creativity that never stopped developing

Transported by this intense desire to create she started fashioning the worlds of her mind into reality. Over a span of 30 years Lana has proven that this gifted talent has been put to good use, and in this creative nature has completed an impressive number of, TV commercials, documentaries and feature films to date.

Having first studied fine arts, dress design and then photography she can now claim to be an all rounder when it comes to translating a concept into a visual representation. This she does with a well trained and a keen eye for detail and colour. Besotted with film  from a young age, she was determined to do whatever she could to get into the film industry. Having started in the industry as a production assistant, sweeping the studio floors, she quickly progressed to a production manager.  Both the latter stages obviously layed the good foundation for understanding and implementing both budgets and schedules that would become vital at a later stage.  However that ever present blossoming flower of creative talent could not be held back and it wasn’t long before she was recruited into the art department. Lana went on to be the assistant to her mentor, Jon Jon Lambon, another Art Director, for some 10 years before she went it alone and made a name for herself. She is both versatile as an Art director and Wardrobe Designer. It is in this way that Lana has worked her way to where she is today, learning the ins and outs of the film industry from every aspect. As an Art Director she has  completed over 400 commercials as well as been accredited with many feature films behind her name. This then proves that she can handle both long format and tvc’s films with ease and is an asset to any production. She has woven her magic creativity from the Lakes of Tahoe to the shores of the Seychelles and from the salt pans of Africa to the shops of Singapore, bringing her artistic talent to such prestigious commercials as The Peter Stuyvesant and Dunhill campaigns amongst many others.

 Lana has worked with both local and international directors and production companies. Due to her professional outlook, her hands on attitude and tremendous team spirit she is known to work well with out of town production designers as well.   The fact that she has worked all around the world makes her comfortable working with crews of any language and she can certainly slot into the saying “When in Rome” with ease.  She is always available and loves to travel to any destination at any time.

  Due to these comfortable and friendly ways she has done extensive work in Africa, especially Nigeria and Kenya where she has worked on productions of all sizes and has successfully implemented budgets both big and small. This is a discipline to which she is constantly committed.

She has incredible stamina, and will work around the clock to get the job done. Her ability  to interpret a brief and understand the director’s needs and vision make her a huge support  not only to the director but an asset also to the producer and his team, this she achieves by keeping an ever watchful eye on the budget as well as the creative side . Likewise with her experience and trouble shooting she keeps a client and agency feeling very secure. Lana is known to maintain the same energy level and passion throughout the production and honesty is key to her philosophy of life.   While she has a bubbly, and fun loving personality her sense of professionalism keeps her serious, without  loosing her  youthful and spontaneous outlook on life.

After 30 years of film making, one might ask the question, ’Where to from here?’ Her aspirations for the future are only to be better than her last job and for that flower of creativity to continue to grow with wisdom and spirit. Her fuel is the passion for success and “The force” behind her is the Angel Gabriel- Angel of art, design, communication and brave new ideas, the essence of her core.




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